Sliding Windows - Quick and Effective Ventilation

Sliding windows are a popular choice for quick and effective ventilation. They are also useful in areas with limited space that cannot accommodate a window sash protruding inside or outside.

  • Silicon with excellent air tightness and cooperate with 12mm space hollow glass to achieve good sound insulation performance.
  • Tested and meet Australian Standards AS2047 and glazed in accordance with AS1288.
  • Variety of glazing options available, including single glazing, double glazing or low-e.
  • Variety of non-thermal break aluminum profiles and thermal break aluminum profiles.
  • Variety of fiberglass flyscreens.


  • Sturdy, very high sliding doors, covering all kind of typologies, with the unique characteristic of a totally concealed in the floor stainless steel rail.‎
  • Unique design of profiles (elliptical shape)
  • The rails shape facilitates the waters drainage
  • Glazing can be installed after completing the sashes construction


M9200 is a non insulated sliding system with curved shape. 

  • Very good value for money ratio
  • Economic solutions for small to medium spans
  • Profile width 82,3 mm
  • Wide variety of typologies

General FAQ

What is Aluminium sliding window?

Aluminium Sliding windows. Aluminium sliding windows are designed for spaces that do not want windows projecting from the wall. The window is designed to have one or two window sashes sliding horizontally within the frame.

Why do we use aluminium sliding windows?

Aluminum windows are strong and lightweight and will not rust or rot. They will oxidize so it is important to clean and coat then periodically with an anti-oxidation compound. Aluminum is relatively cheap and easily formed into channels and other shapes making it one of the favored materials for windows.

Are slider windows good?

Slider windows offer unobstructed, wide-open views of the outdoors. Because of their size and design, they provide the maximum amount of daylight to enter the room. Since sliders open from side to side, they are quite easy to open and close with minimal effort.


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