Internal Doors - Perfectly suited to the warm decor of the wood

Gennaro Collezione

Gennaro Collezione is the “Euro Class” Internal door line created by the joint venture of our design team(Overseas) and the prestigious Italian design house. By thinking outside the box in design view and not losing the sense of function we got a futuristic Internal door perfectly suited to the warm decor of the wood. Natural oak and walnut decors, in combination with white paint, will bring warmth packed into contemporary design to your home. This line of room doors is also based on the latest generation of CLPL materials which, in addition to perfect design, gives it excellent qualitative features. The construction of the door is the same as that of the Exclusive or ECO Line models, with the door leaf being even more massive and fuller.


Internal doors of the latest ECO Line collection are made with the latest generation of CLPL materials. This line represents our response to the increasingly accepted aspiration in the world of using non-toxic and safe materials in the room and furniture industry. CLPL are materials designed specifically for the furniture, room and building industries in general.
These materials are completely formaldehyde-free in composition with perfect aesthetic and qualitative characteristics. They are rich in texture, wood reproduction and borders. Innovative technological solutions have produced environmentally friendly material, which transfers its properties to the products to which it has been applied. From a technical point of view, CLPL materials are characterized by even higher UV resistance, scratch and abrasion resistance, microorganisms and parasites, moisture and mold. There are no toxic fumes when burning these materials. ECO Line's design solutions represent the appearance of solid wood combined in a sophisticated and rustic design. Base timber look are walnut and oak from the European continent.

The very design of the ECO Line room door fully matches the design of the exclusive door from the second line.


The second line of the “Euro Class ” internal doors is based on CPL-3D Italian materials. The doors within this line are made in the designs of dark oak, light oak, walnut, wenge and white. The characteristics of CPL-3D materials are very high abrasion resistance, UV resistance which gives color fastness for a long period of time, resistance to microorganisms…

The second-line room door consists of a three-piece 40mm thick curtain rod, rounded panel moldings 19mm thick and 70mm wide and a door sash, straight cut, 40mm thick. The doors of this line are divided into two subgroups depending on the design of the door leaf:

The first group consists of models V7, V8, V11, V14 and V18. With these room door models, the door leaf can be filled with honeycomb or perforated chipboard.

The second group consists of models V9, V10, V13, V15 and V17. These models represent the Exclusive Door. The design of the door leaf is what makes these models characteristic in all Doors market. The full length of the Door Sash is made of solid wood sandwiches and mdf (Medium-density fibreboard). This produces a reinforced, full Sash with extremely high strength. The Sash structure allows for the installation of additional seal rubber on the wing edges, which enhances thermal and sound insulation. In addition to this sub-group, the customer is left with the option of choosing straight parquet moldings 100mm wide.
The entire second line hardware is of high quality from the Italian manufacturer AGB. Doors are made both in standard dimensions 690/790/890 * 2010cm and in non-standard dimensions according to the dimensions taken on the building itself. All doors of the second line are dry-prefabricated, which means installation after the completion of parquet and painting works.

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