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BM Group International windows are energy efficient with double glazed low-e glass that can reduce heat loss up to 60%.  Our window glass is of excellent quality, and what we proudly emphasize is his exceptional longevity and energy efficiency. Double glazed low-e glass is standard for BM Group International. We want you to save maximum energy and money with our energy efficient windows.

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ClimaGuard ® Solar - Glazing for 4 seasons

In addition to profiles, one of the most important elements of energy-efficient windows is the choice of an appropriate glazing. ClimaGuard ® Solar is a glass with transparent and extremely thin film on the surface. It provides the high light transmission (66%) and excellent thermal insulation and protection from the sun's energy during the summer. ClimaGuard ® Solar only allows 42% of solar energy, traditional insulating glass allows even 80% of the energy in the room which is often unbearable. The low heat transfer causes low temperature inside the glass, which especially provides greater comfort in the room during the summer.

During the winter, heat loss is reduced by 22% with this glass, while the loss with single glass is 100%. This means that 78% of the energy remains in the room, which allows lower costs for heating and saving money.

In addition to low-e glazing, we offer the following:

  • Stopsol glass with metallic coat that enables “mirror” effect in blue, green, gray and brown color
  • Parsol is color transparent glass and you can order it in blue, bronze, green and gray
  • Delta-ornament is decorative glass
  • Sanded glass is decorative glass in milky white color that is suitable for doors and shop window
  • Safety toughened glass and
  • Safety laminated/tempered glass
Dulux Duralloy Powder Coat aluminium window colours (Standard colours)
Decorative panels

We offer glass with decorative bars that are available in white and gold, and several models and sizes. Decorative bars are mainly used in windows of residential buildings - houses and apartments.