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Our doors create a safe and comfortable home. We offer a wide range of different entrance doors with decorative and inox panels, security doors, interior sliding doors, balcony doors... BM Group International entrance doors are durable, highly resistant to weather conditions and very easy to maintain.

Safety - panel doors your home will be more safe and will not loose on its exclusivity and comfort. On your request we can add locks and other safety features to your new door.

Thermal insulation - door panels are made of high quality aluminum tin and pressed stirodur, which has important insulating characteristics. Additional insulation is achieved with an aluminum profile with thermal break which ensures thermal protection for your home during winter.

Design - doors are available with a variety of decorative panels. Your new doors can be decorated with different sorts of glass, grids and additional products that will allow your doors to fit in any interior and exterior styles. Also, you can choose luxurious INOX panels that have a unique design and esthetic qualities. 



M9400 consists one of the most completed opening systems which can serve a wide range of different needs with satisfied performances

  • High-quality aluminium frame with certified performance
  • Variety of profile design and solutions
  • Good security level
  • Good sound insulation
  • High functionality



  • High-quality aluminium frame with certified performance
  • Large dimensions and wide spans
  • Aesthetic options with straight and round design
  • High performance in terms of wind resistance, air permeability and water tightness
  • Optimized for maximum structural stability while using minimum aluminium