Lift and Slide Doors - Excellent Thermal and Sound Insulation

Lift-and-slide system which fulfils even the more stringent requirements of the energy saving regulations.The aluminium system offers excellent thermal and sound insulation . These systems belong to luxury products and popular used for office and villa.

  • Thermally insulated aluminium profiles with high stability.
  • Stainless steel tracks ensure smooth, quiet operation.
  • Considerable design freedom thanks to perfect system compatibility.
  • Optional burglar resistance.
  • Single sash weights up to 400 kg are possible with leaf size up to 3m x 3m.


  • Sturdy, very high sliding doors, covering all kind of typologies, with the unique characteristic of a totally concealed in the floor stainless steel rail.‎
  • Unique design of profiles (elliptical shape)
  • The rails shape facilitates the waters drainage
  • Glazing can be installed after completing the sashes construction


  • Ease of use and high functionality
  • High energy savings due to high energy efficiency of the system
  • Sensitive natural lighting enhancement thanks to product design and large window frames
  • Increased level of security and sound insulation
  • Modern design and high quality with certified framing performance
  • Increased static loads and functionality in case of severe weather conditions


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