BI Fold Doors - Grandest of all Doors

Bi-Fold Doors are great for opening your room space to an outdoor area such as your garden. They open by folding back in sections connected with hinges and attached to rollers at the top or bottom.

If you really want the grandest of all doors then this is the product for you. We offer different styles of folding styles that you can view below for the doors. They are perfect for customers who want the largest opening for their home. If you would like extra information or want specific requirements for your doors then please contact us using our contact form below.


  • Silicon with excellent air tightness and cooperate with 12mm space hollow glass to achieve good sound insulation performance.
  • Open both outwards and inwards.
  • Smooth operation, even under the weight of double glazing.
  • Variety of glazing options available.
  • Variety of non-thermal break aluminum profiles and thermal break aluminum profiles.


M19800 is an insulating system for folding doors with 50mm sash thickness and special rolling hinges of heavy duty type. The last vent may be used as an entrance door.


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