Roller Blinds, Solomatic and Insect Screens - EuroClass Windows


Interior and exterior roller blinds are additional products for energy efficient windows. Our roller blinds provide protection for your windows from wind, rain and snow, and make your home look more beautiful. Due to the aluminum fins filled with polyurethane, you can forget about cold during winters or unbearable heat during summer. Roller blinds are made in wide range of colors or wood foils.


Solomatic is external blind that provides effective protection from the sun. Solomatic protects against sun and heat by trapping most of solar radiation. It provides lighting throughout position of the louvers, which can be controlled automatically. The adjustable inclination of the louvers affords maximum protection from direct sunlight without obstructing a clear outside view, whilst at the same protecting the privacy of the users. The outside view is therefore preserved and all feelings of isolation and  confinement are eliminated. Working conditions are of course improved and the indoor temperature remains pleasant.


The insect screens give you protection form insects. They are made from fine aluminum profiles and fiberglass foil. We offer:

  • Roller insect screens
  • Fixed screens
  • screens for doors