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The Benefits Of Having Shutters?

House and home are not the same thing. Do you agree? If you look at it this way - house is just a construction made of bricks, but home is something bigger. Home is not just rooms and walls, home is, as well, family, love and memories.

That is why most of us want to invest in making our houses into homes. We invest our time, money, patience and creativity. We want that our loved ones feel nice and cozy when they spend time at home. However, besides of feeling cozy, it is very important to feel safe. 

Making your home beautiful and safe is a serious job. It requires a good organization and a wise composition of budget, needs and wishes. Due to all of this factors one of the things that you could take for a consideration is installing shutters. 

Why Shutters?

First of all shutters are multifunctional. With having shutters you can control the level of day or street light that comes into your space, as well as decreasing the outdoor's sounds. Shutters are also your intimacy and safety keepers. Of course, shutters have their aesthetic function too. They can give a really nice touch to your home decor, , it all depends of what you need and like. 

About Shutters

When it comes to shutters there are a few things you should think about - material, type and style.


Shutters can be made of wood, vynil or be composite.

Wooden Shutters are long lasting and strong. They are a good choice because they can be made in any shape and size and be coloured as you wish. They are easy to repair in case of demagge. Wooden shutters are equally suitable for period properties and regular houses. If you chose wooden shutters the price will depend on the selection of materials and style. 

Vinyl shutters are great for bathrooms and kitchens. The reason - vinyl shutters are 100 percent waterproof. They are easy to clean and ressistent to peeling or fading. Like wooden,vinyl shutters can be custom made to fit any window size but  the size of the louvres is pre-set with no option to customise. When we talk about the price, vinyl shutters are in a range of medium expensive.

Composite Shutters are a good option for larger windows. They can look as good as wooden ones but they have a much lower price. Strong and durable are the characteristics of this type of shutters. Composite shutters are, for example, a good choice for patio doors.


Depending on what you need, shutters can be interior and exterior.  


  • Plantation are exterior shutters with wide louvers that can be closed against storms,or opened to let in warm breezes.
  • Raised panel shutters are a description of country-garden style.
  • Lovely Louvered Shutters remain popular for many styles of architecture. They are constructed with overlapping uniform slats of wood set into a frame.
  • Board and Batten, as their name implies, they are constructed from individual boards joined together with shorter crosspieces, or battens. 
  • Cut-Out Shutters - this style was popularized in the 1920s. It is very popular because you can customize your own cut-out design. Ships, stars, and geometric shapes are common choices.
  • Scandinavian Shutters can be described as joined board-and-batten design, dressed up with cut-outs and bright colors. When closed they are a good protection, especially from blizzards and snowstorms.
  • Combination  - This style represents a combination of two or more styles and it is a good choice if you prefer customized shutters.


  • Café Style Shutters  are easy to identify: They're usually louvered, and they cover just the bottom half of a window to give café patrons privacy.  They get their name from the French cafés where they are so popular.
  • Tier-on-Tier Shutters are made up of two shutter panels that are hung so that one sits above the other. This allows you to open up the top of bottom part of the window independently or together as required.
  • Shaped Shutters are ideal to fit unusually shaped windows and they are custom made.
  • Shaker style shutters block out bad weather and bright lights. Functional simplicity is a hallmark of the traditional Shaker style.

As you can see, the options are various and it all depends of what you need, but, bottom line, choosing the right shutters for your home is at the same time fun and useful. Enjoy! 

    • 23. January 2020.